About BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU

The Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) is a volunteer, non-political, non-profit, non-representative, international association of European students of technical specialties.

At the head of the BEST organization is the International Council (hereinafter - the International Board), consisting of 6 people - members of various local groups.

The official language of the BEST organization is English.

The founding date of BEST was April 1989, Berlin, Germany.

Vision of BEST:

Expansion of the horizon (EmpoweredDiversity)
Expanding the horizon and developing the potential of students in the work and leisure activities in the international student environment. Formation of tolerant attitude to different cultures and nationalities among young people.
Mission BEST:

Development of students (DevelopingStudents)
BEST helps students to better understand the cultures of other countries and the worldview of different nationalities, and also develops the ability to work in an international team. BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in realizing their potential.
BEST values:

BEST Spirit is an inspiration for any of our actions.

1. Flexibility

We are ready for change and are accustomed to work in conditions of constantly changing circumstances.
We are open to everything new. We appreciate and support the opportunity to be mobile and quickly respond to any changes or other obstacles.
2. Friendship

We build strong relationships of mutual assistance, support and care for each other.
We appreciate strong personal relationships and teamwork. We focus on every person involved in our work, and thus we unite the team.
3. Pleasure

We get pleasure from everything that we do.
We appreciate the positive emotions of all members of our organization. We try to make the events interesting for everyone who is involved in them. We work with enthusiasm and strive to pass it on to people around us.
4. Improvement

We try to constantly improve the quality of everything that we do.
We use creative methods of work. This guarantees the continuous development of our activities.
4. Learning

In the process of work we acquire new skills in work and experience.
We appreciate everything that we learned when working on our projects. We strive to learn as much as possible in every aspect of our work. We value personal development and strive to be open for learning, so we can freely share our ideas and develop them.
Principles of BEST:

We all do according to our voluntary desire.
We are politically neutral.
We do not receive material profit from our activities.
We are not anyone's representatives.
Our local groups are located in the universities of Europe.
We work for students of technical specialties studying at European universities.