History behing BEST UrFU

The history of the creation of BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU from the first president

"It all began in February 2002. I was returning home from the station together with Masha Sheveleva, who at that time was the president of the local BEST group in USURS, it was late, around midnight, and we were talking about BEST on the way." Suddenly, Masha asked: "Why would not you also create a BEST group in your university? "-" Why not? "I thought, and suddenly this idea appeared so suddenly and easily.

That evening was the starting point for me. I prepared a presentation about BEST for the union of students and the international department. They supported my project, and soon I applied for a new local group on the BEST international committee. My application was not accepted the first time, but I'm not the person who agrees with the answer "no." I like to overcome difficulties, so I continued to fight for the right to represent our university at the international level.

Had to face many difficult tasks. My friend Nastya Melnikova joined the project. She thoroughly studied all the material about BEST, helped to improve the project, and together we applied for the second time. Again failure. But, as you could already guess, I do not accept denials.

"The third time - for luck" - we decided with Nastya. This time, together with the university's partnership department, we prepared the project in a new way. And finally, luck: we were invited to the General Assembly as candidates for the creation of a new local group in Yekaterinburg. The first day of the meeting, April 14, 2003, can be considered the date of the foundation of the local BEST group for students of the then Ural State Technical University! "


Anton Farlenkov

The first president of the local group BEST Ekaterinburg UrFU